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2021 Challenge Schedule

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The contest is open to all female middle school and high school students. The speaker series and panel session are open to everyone. Attendees for speaker sessions only are also welcome.


8:30am    -   9:00am Check-in
9:00am    -  11:00am   Contest
11:15am  -  12:00pm   Keynote Speech
12:00pm - 12:15pm Sponsor talks
12:15pm  -  1:00pm     Lunch
1:00pm   -  2:00pm    Women in STEM Panel Discussion: CS & Entertainment
2:00pm   -  2:30pm    Closing Remarks + Awards


Shobana Radakrishnan, Director at GoogleTV

Pei Cao, Engineering Director and Technical Leader at Youtube

Lynn Root, Staff Engineer at Spotify

Jenny Lin, Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Netflix

Pavitra Rengarajan, Machine Learning Engineer and Technical Lead at Instagram

Contest Rules & FAQ

Contest Format

Students will participate in either the Novice or Advanced division. In each division, the contest will consist of 9 algorithmic programming problems of varying difficulty to be solved in 2 hours. Example problems and solutions can be downloaded from


Solutions to the problems must be coded in Java, Python or C++.

Input and Output

All input and output are sent to and received from the the following specific consoles:

  • Java / System.out

  • C++ cin / cout

  • Python sys.stdin / sys.stdout

Internet Access and Communications

Only one laptop maybe used per team during the contest. During the contest, you may not use or view any code that has been written prior to the start of the contest. Only these websites and their subdomains may be referenced:



Top three teams in each division will get awards and trophies. Top 10 teams in each division will get certificates.



The Harker School Computer Science Department

Jane Street




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